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Great Posture = A Healthy Spine

Active Spine

Great posture and normal spinal joint motion are key to having a healthier nervous system. Your spine is your lifeline. Chronically poor posture compresses your brain stem, spinal cord, and spinal nerves, as well as speeding up degeneration in the spine. Want to find out if your posture is great? Have someone photograph you while you are working, watching TV, or while you are attempting to stand up straight. Photos help us see our habits more clearly. Do you want to improve your posture?

Follow these easy tips for maintaining or restoring great posture:

  • Get adjusted regularly. Not only do adjustments create better spinal motion, but they stimulate the part of the CNS that controls posture- the CEREBELLUM!

  • Get massages to help release tension that holds us in poor posture.

  • Do Yoga on a regular basis. Try to do it with your eyes closed to really stimulate the cerebellum.

  • Text with your hands up, elbows against the ribs for support, and eyes straight ahead.

  • If you have a sedentary job, lifestyle, or hobbies set an alarm for every 1/2 hour on your smartphone to remind you to sit up straight.

  • Adjust your car seat and rear view mirror to encourage better posture.

  • Have loved ones remind you of good posture if they see you slouching.

  • Find a great way to talk to kids about posture, especially if they are gamers or bogged down with school work. Make sure all devices and books are propped up so kids can look straight ahead.

  • Get a standing work station, or try active sitting on balls, pads or discs.

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