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Neck chiropractic exercises are designed to address issues and conditions related to the neck and cervical spine, and can help alleviate neck pain and discomfort. These exercises can target specific muscles and joints that may be contributing to pain, helping to relax and strengthen them.


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Chin retraction helps restore normal head position on top of the spine, allowing the neck muscles to relax and correction posture. Simply pull the chin back, stretching the back of the neck. If you do this exercise while standing against a wall it helps to restore proper shoulder and pelvis posture as well. Slide the back of the head UP the wall. Do 2 sets of 12.



This stretch helps to restore a more normal cervical curve and normal head position. I cannot stress enough the importance of beginning this exercise slowly. The neck is very sensitive and if you overdo this stretch it can be extremely painful. Begin by lying on your back on a bench, table, or bed, with your head fully supported and your knees bent. Slowly slide toward the edge, allowing the head to gently drop over the edge, until you feel a gentle stretch of the neck muscles. Do not go as far as you can - you will hurt yourself.​

This stretch should be done every day for at least three months, this will give you time to build up the time and distance. Begin with a short stretch for 30 seconds. Add 30 seconds each day until you are up to 5 minutes. Then begin stretching further each day, slowly building up to full extension.

If this stretch causes dizziness or pain, let Dr. Cherie know.

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