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Why Kids Need Chiropractic

I have been adjusting children for 13 years and it is probably the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor. So many times patients in the office were surprised to see me working on children, toddlers, infants, and newborns. But chiropractic adjustments help children so much and so quickly. Here's why: Kids are really supple. They haven't been stuck in a funky pattern or posture for 30 years like many adults. They sleep longer and make massive amounts of healing growth hormone.

Common causes of spinal or neurological trauma include falls (that's every kid), childbirth trauma (even with C-sections), sitting too much(school), over-training single sports, chemicals (in the environment, households and food), too much screen time (gaming, school).

All kids fall so how do you know if it warrants a chiropractic check-up? If your child cries longer than usual, if he/she has a mood change after the injury and any falls from a height. Also, ALL facial and head contact needs to be evaluated. These all cause cervical and brain stress that needs to be corrected.

How can you tell if your child needs a chiropractic?

Here are some common signs and symptoms of nerve or spine stress that we look for in babies, kids and teenagers:

  • Odd gait or style of walking/running- i.e. toe walking, toes in or toes out, no arm swing

  • Failure to crawl or odd crawling

  • Bad Posture standing or sitting

  • "Growing Pains" - it shouldn't hurt to grow! That is a sign of stress in the body

  • Headaches or Back Pain- these are very common in children, usually not taken seriously, and greatly under treated

  • Poor digestion! Also very common and not treated. i.e. constipation and spitting up in infants are so common your pediatrician will usually not be concerned and let you know that your child will outgrow it. But these are serious symptoms of body dysfunction and usually an easy fix with adjustments.

  • Ear infections

  • Problems with jaw or bite, eye tracking, focus, dyslexia

  • Chronic or recurring illnesses

Kids love to get adjusted, and siblings usually fight to be the first on the table. Adjustment are gentle, fast and extremely effective and helping your child thrive and develop free of compensations, adaptations, or chronic problems. Get your kids checked today!

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