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Healthy Glowing Brain

Our brains are the most important physical structure in our bodies and they cannot be replaced. From the moment we are born our brains are degenerating.

So here are 5 easy steps to slow the degeneration!

1. Feed your brain! The nervous system is almost 80% FAT! Feed your brain healthy fats like raw nuts and seeds, avocados, eggs (soft yolk), raw cheese, fish (sushi), mollusks (clams, oysters, mussels), oils on your food (avocado, olive, macadamia nut), DHA supplements. Most of us need about 30% of our calories from these healthy fats.

2. Stimulate your brain. Everyday we are creating new neural networks, which are the connections between brain cells, or areas of the brain. We make more of these connections when we use our brains in specific ways. Learn a language, learn a musical instrument, and learn a sport/physical activity. Play memory games. Do puzzles. Meditate.

3. Healthy blood sugar levels are vital for brain function, especially memory. If you have symptoms related to eating or not eating, i.e. moodiness, irritability, fatigue, increased energy after meals, then you have blood sugar regulation problems and can start by eating proteins and fats every 2-3 hours to stabilize your levels.

4. Exercise increases circulation, which brings nutrition and oxygen to the brain. This is the best thing you can do to feed and stimulate your brain. Yoga, dancing, hiking are great. Contact sports injure our brains, so we have to do more to help them. Chiropractic adjustments help neural networks connect, and help circulation to brain cells!

5. Reboot our brains with Rest! Our brain needs 1 day/week with nothing planned. You can do anything you want but it should be spontaneous. No TO DO list!

Sleep is also absolutely necessary for brain re-boot! Kids need 10-12 hours minimum! Adults need 7-9 hours. You cannot cheat this without paying a price.

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