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YOGA- The greatest exercises!


YOGA- The greatest exercises!

I know! It sounds too simple. We have been convinced that we need to do lots of cardio, weight training, Cross Fit, Pilates, TRX, etc. to be be fit and healthy. And, yes, these activities can be awesome for us buy not instead of yoga; as a supplement to yoga. Yoga is the best exercise to give us access to all the strength in our bodies. Yoga is free, and it only takes up the amount of space that our bodies take, so we can do it anywhere at any time.

Yoga is also the only exercise that heals our nervous system and spine.

I am not an expert in yoga, but I am an expert in the human body. With yoga I have healed from injury, healed from illness, deepened my connection to my being, and helped my creativity and sense of well-being with my yoga practice.

Yoga gives us whatever we need. It relaxes us if we are stressed. It energizes us if we're down. It helps us strengthen weak muscles, stretch tight muscles, open tight joints and stabilize unstable joints, it stimulates organ function.

My extensive work with both professional and amateur athletes has taught me so much about the mistakes we all make in our preparation, performance, recovery and rest. But, the most common affliction we all suffer from is improper breathing techniques and yoga addresses that. Proper breathing not only helps our cardiopulmonary function to improve our endurance, but it also helps our bio-mechanics and the way we use our bodies. Yoga teaches us to move and breath in balance.

Why am I taking the time to teach you about yoga when I am a chiropractor? It's simple. Our goal is to get you healthy, keep you healthy, and teach you how to do

on your own. Download an App, go to YouTube, or check out a class with a friend! Get started today.

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