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Dr. Cherie Smith practices an innovative style of chiropractic called Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). This gentle technique seeks to balance the entire body by detecting specific patterns of altered function of your spine and nervous system. Dr. Cherie's approach not only deals with subluxations, or spinal misalignments which cause abnormal nerve flow to various structures of your body, but also helps to balance cranial motion and improve organ function. Her array of skills can help with a variety of conditions.

What is SOT?

SOT is a complete system of chiropractic care that uses a system of indicators as a road map to find areas of altered function or neuronal stress in our bodies. This technique seeks to balance the motion between your Occiput (base of the skull) and your Sacrum (base of the spine). By balancing this motion we can improve the flow of CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) through the spinal column and brain. CSF is the fluid that bathes our brain and spinal cord with nutrients. With improved CSF flow we improve the function of our central nervous system.

What is Craniopathy? 

Craniopathy is the gentle treatment of the cranium or skull. The cranium consists of several different bones that are connected by joints called sutures. These bones are designed to have slight motion which act as a pump for Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). For optimal health of the nervous system this fluid must circulate freely. Cranial adjustments not only help this CSF pump, but also can help relieve mechanical stress and pain in the head, face, jaw/TMJ, low back and pelvis. 

See Plagiocephaly for more information about cranial adjusting.

What is CMRT? 

CMRT, or Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique, was initially called Bloodless Surgery by its inventors. This is a very specialized approach to helping your organs (viscera) work more efficiently. Your organs are controlled by messages from your  nervous system. Alterations in the flow of electrical impulses and nutrition from the spine to the organs are called somato-visceral reflexes, and can cause poor organ function. Poor organ function can then create alterations in the flow of impulses back to the spinal cord and are called viscero-somatic reflexes. We can then end up with a circlular pattern of decreased function to and from an organ that can lead to symptoms such as poor digestion and elimination, poor hormone balance, altered immune system function. CMRT is a gentle approach that seeks to break that circular pattern, or reflex by adjusting the areas of the spine that give direct nerve flow to the organ. We then either stimulate or relax the organ itself using specific techniques of organ manipulation. In addition, we sometimes utilize organ-specific nutrition to support the organs while they heal.

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